18 inch cut width
NEW, still in original package 183' of useable line space. The rope is 3/16" diameter polyethylene, with UV resistance. It is hollow braided so it has more body to hang onto clothes and wick away moisture, another plus is you can easily wipe away accumulated dust and dirt. A unique rope Tension Lever Assembly lifts and locks the Arms into place while putting proper tension on the ropes. This LA...
Very solid hay trailer. Tires are sound. Body has all good lumber. I pulled this trailer with a load of hay at 55 mph with no problems. I am just getting out of the hay business and it is taking up space that I need. Call me if interested (434-286-3783). Jim. Ad number: #349123481 Contact: Jim McDaniel City: Scottsville Zip: 24590 Price: $100
Been storing this old rug for years. It is time to let it go. Cash and Carry only - Best offer.
We have been storing this old rug for years. Time for it to go. Cash and Carry - best offer.
Low-odor, non-ammoniated formula is ideal for use in areas where ammonia odor is a problem, such as hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes. Powerful stripper removes all types of floor finishes and most sealers. For vinyl, vinyl composition, asphalt, rubber, brick, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete. Recommended dilution: normal (1:8), extreme build-up (1:4). 5 gallon box at $30 each.
ULTI-SURFACE POLISH A superior blend of silicones, detergents, and lemon oils designed to clean, polish and protect Formica, laminate, vinyl, plastic, leather, stainless steel and other metals. Quickly and easily removes old wax build-ups and fills in minor scratches and cracks. Rubs out easily to a clear, bright, durable shine. A non-greasy protective finish is left that resists finger prints,...
A high quality cleaner, polish and protector that leaves surfaces with a beautiful shine. Designed for maximum efficiency, cleans and polishes in one quick operation. Imparts a deep hard luster, beautifies and helps to protect the original finish. Ideal for use on stainless steel, plastic, wood, marble, and many other hard surfaces. 1 Quart Bottle at $10.
Pizzazz Soil & Floor Finish Build-Up Remover A highly active revolutionary product for removing heavy soil and floor finish build up from floors, baseboards and walls. Its gelled formula eliminates common volatile chemicals such as ammonia and butyl to improve customer appeal. Ideal for areas sensitive to odors. Packaging: 1 case contains twelve 21.75oz Cans At $60 per case you save half.
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